rules at the cumae ruins

rules at the cumae ruins

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bargainista Fashionista Contest 2014

Will I be able to complete 2 projects in 2 contests in a row???? I've never accomplished that before! This contest is always a favorite of mine. But it also one with inherent challenges. It inadvertently encourages basic colors or black and white prints. Often, a designer look has a basic design-- an A-line skirt, a bomber jacket, a sheath dress, the "track pant"-- with a distinctive print or unique color. Right now, I am loving Thakoon. Especially the Fall collections he's done the last few years. The 2014, especially, has gorgeous,vibrant colors (not just earth tones so common in fall!) and rich textures. I love this jacket and cape.

I have some stashed boucle in similar tones (mine are darker and it has a metallic), and I think I'll use this HotPatterns jacket

I'll update with pics of the boucle when I destash it! I'm also planning a silk twill skirt to go with.

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