rules at the cumae ruins

rules at the cumae ruins

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Inspiration for the RTW Contest

I decided to enter this RTW Contest on PR. Here's my flashy button.
Ready to Wear (RTW) Contest

I'm interested in knocking off creating a dazzling re-imagining of some fabulous couture as styled in Vogue Korea.

First, this gorgeous Gucci (must end side boob...)
Guccidress-in vogue korea, Inspiration dress for PR challange, 4/12
I envision it as a top and skirt though. The silk I want to use is too delicate to support the weight of the skirt, as I think the way I'd end up constructing it would add some heft. A very light charmeuse might not be sturdy enough...

And then there is this combo...
Imagine it with a nice basic corduroy skirt and a floral, or otherwise spring-y patterned jersey. Perfect day wear! I think I even have a jacket pattern in a recent Burda magazine.

And then there's this. Chanel "jacket" (looks backless) and Stella McCartney skirt...
vogue korea, chanel top, stella skirt
This could be a very cool day combo as well...
What do you think?


  1. I really like the first one, the green with black and white. I'd probably interpret it the same way you have, as a green top and striped black and white skirt. Best part of that is you can use garment shapes that suit your body! :)

    The last jacket is neat looking. I don't think it's backless because the sides at the bust appears to wrap around the back. But that front lower part looks like a bib or something. Interesting, but a bit strange (imho). I love the colours, though, and the fit in general is lovely.

  2. I'm planning the green Gucci, and thanks for the comments! I think that Chanel jacket has side cuts up to the bewbs- sort of a couture apron bib for skinny rich people!